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Objective 3

Postcard to the Future

Timelines that weave at altitude a true mixed reality, past, present and the engaging interdependencies at play for trail users.

An updated postcard experience that has diverse futures, interactive timelines that show the ripple affects of action and consequence. Engaging an array of story telling devices the postcard arrives to connect the dots and sequence the interdependent elements of Canadian culture that these locations impact. Iconic moments captured for users, collectable stamps.

Conceptualization Process Shots

Conceptualizations Learning to Apply

On Trail Adventures  Unlock Rare Items

Culture in context our contemporary artifacts are based on narratives of mountain culture, archival materials and a designed graphic vernacular paired with technology will empower each narrative to be fully enhanced by place and being in location.

Discovery Team

Concept Development
Script Development

Rich Rawlyk


Mark Gervais

Script Oversight

Kathy Fraser

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