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The Wayfinder Company

We create sustainable artifacts placing content in context to grow generations of conservationists.


Drawing in the backcountry, with sketchbook or a clear mind trying to be present... it trails into our maps and Wco Active Guide System, endowed with dual realities to help users find their way. Our Analog solutions allow you to travel free of any technologies with a hand sized map; Easy to access, manage and consult on route. Full of fundamental information to be prepared and arrive safely while featuring modern graphically appealing map styles.

Combine an Analog & Digital pairing! Bring to life the details of place, intricate story and characters. Integrating conservation ideas while slowly taking the time to interpret and bring maps to life with existing and innovative tools means we are on trail and remain sensitive to the impact of technology in such places, our emphasis to draw you into nature.


Behind the Games


The printed book or large format maps were never designed for the trail and with innovative materials, technology and story telling we decided to stop destroying the nature we love, yet still find our way while we responsibly guide adventure publication.

Our Analog Papers

Save the ocean and hike a mountain we would say in jest, but we meant it and after 12 months of exploration for the perfect paper we have started to get a bigger picture of the importance responsible publishing, how it is needed now to change an industry with so much waste.

Wco Active Guide System

A template system tested on trail with users, brings together a flow focused on trail use. Launching digital storytelling the next layer of technology is furthering the template abilities offering an active guide system that lets stakeholders take control of their trails and create artifacts of the journey.


Wild Flower Child

Our Team

Rich Rawlyk

Producer & Conceptual Development

Mark Gervais

Motion & Illustration

Kathy Fraser

Script Development & Voice Talent

Brandie Ferrell

K-9 Science Curriculum Advisor

Sarah Elmeligi

Conservation Scientist & Planner

Evyn Rawlyk

Voice Talent of Cas

Dylan Leeder

Outdoor Media - Good Planet Project

Neil Christensen

AR Specialist  - Advisor

Cassandra Hui

App Development - Mentorship

Next Steps

Our findings from the Conceptualization phase have validated much of our initial goals. We feel that we have a better grasp of the game, reward and entertainment narrative that will unite the project.

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