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Objective 1

Narration & Motion

130 Million Years of instincts and insights offered the authentic voice we wanted.

The Bumble Bee, a constant character essential to a healthy planet and meadow is a Wild Flower Child that we can aspire to be and learn from. Bridging our conservation message and an approachable ambassador, B was a pleasant discovery. A symbol of interdependency in the natural world, the character development started with research and a basic character sketch to capture simplicity. Illustrations of character turnarounds and motion tests introduced the character, among the meadow wild flower word mark our investigation...

It was from defined scripts that we evaluated our narrator requirements and established some defining characteristics with which motion was integrated to bring a memorable part of the game to life. The narration arrived at many new thoughts and within the process held off to further investigate a few important aspects of the character.

Conceptualization Process Shots

Conceptualizations Learnings to Apply

The Narrators Role

B frames the context of the adventure and remains a companion throughout the adventure telling stories, sharing tools and knowledge that connects you to the natural environment. Can the character remain an important and welcoming part of the experience without a voice.

Discovery Team

Concept Development

Rich Rawlyk

Character Development

Mark Gervais

Script Oversights
Voice Talent

Kathy Fraser

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