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Objective 2

Character Development

Along the trail we met Cas and learned so much more about her natural environment

The Red Paintbrush is one of the more distinct and easy to identify for most hikers and outdoors people. We choose this one because often it is the first to greet many hikers, found through out the season this beautiful character presented a challenge. Our goal was to have seasoned flower lovers, sometimes critical of a digital wild flower that one can pick, look at it anew. We ventured into the traditions of herbariums, archival crushed flowers long dead and dusty to reimagine the stories a wild flower could tell us.

Appealing to the trail kid in all of us Cas takes us through the depths we walk past and starts to have us look anew at the natural world.

Conceptualization Process Shots

Conceptualizations Learnings to Apply

Pacing on Trail

Cas was our first wildflower and from her we have learned many things to apply to the next in the series of wildflowers. Investigating a few other characters we had to understand how to build out the collection in a unified manner. Running 34 seconds she has helped us tighten up our script requirements and how to approach the body of wild flowers.

Discovery Team

Concept Development

Rich Rawlyk

Character Development

Mark Gervais

Voice Talent

Evyn Rawlyk

Script Oversight

Kathy Fraser

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