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A mobile game that imparts Canadian Rockies interdependencies through the lens of a bee and the wildflowers while creating a living map of your adventure.

Analog Launch Digital Access

Seamlessly Launching

Digital Storytelling

Becoming an artifact of the experience, our living map concept documents the journey and will become a major part of the apps appeal to all generations of adopters. By discovering and collecting, users reveal the natural world's intricate details, personal preferences will enable you to wander a wild flower child while connecting to the interdependencies of the trail and into the culture of the Canadian Rockies.

wixwfc_screenplay_seedoremember copy.png
Along the Way

Along the Way

Conceptualizaton Discoveries

Creation of Wild Flower Child elements lent us a chance to become more familiar with the concept, determine the tone and frame our intentions. The word mark formed a quick foundation and established a framework that allowed character development to quickly flow. Investigating the world of wild flowers, proof of concept stages pushed the concept art to help us determine the depth of our approach, it drew our focus next to the users needs and with listed requirements our scripts completed the research.

daisy copy.jpg


To situate the animations and understand how the user would collect, receive and share the trail stories we built out user flows to identify both user needs and story telling opportunities.


Addtional Artifact

Through the Conceptualization work we discovered the idea of a living specimen sheet that could support the game with digital maps included. 


Banff National Park

The WFC game still launches from the CRFG maps and the interface of the app integrates the functionality into one cohesive user experience.


We are excited to take our concepts on trail this summer to test them further and collect more trail time.


Trail Time

map vectors

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We are open to collaboration, feedback, and any questions you may have, feel free to reach out.

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